Teeth Whitening

Over time teeth naturally become stained by the food we eat, drinks we consume or from smoking. This can result in stained, discoloured teeth. Long term stains that have built up can be difficult to remove. Our teeth whitening London service can remove those stubborn stains.

Transforming Your Smile

Using highly trained professionals to care for you and deliver excellent results your smile can be transformed in just one hour. If you have tried teeth whitening toothpaste and 'at home' teeth whitening kits but can hardly tell the difference, try our cosmetic teeth whitening London service and see the difference.

Teeth Whitening London

Three Simple Steps

Our teeth whitening London service consists of three simple steps.


Initial Consultation

Before any treatment starts we provide a free consultation to take you through the whitening process and give a clear idea of the likely results on your teeth.



Treatment is performed by our highly trained professionals using the latest teeth whitening technology to ensure that the whitening process produces a crisp and even finish.



The results of your teeth whitening are then recorded and advice provided to ensure the results are maximised. You then walk away with a fresh confident smile.

Pain Free Process

Our teeth whitening London treatment are pain free. Performed by experienced professionals using the skills to ensure that your teeth whitening treatment is comfortable and relaxed. During our free consultation our expert can answer any questions you may have to ensure you are completely comfortable with the process.

In some very rare circumstances clients who are prone to tooth sensitivity can experience some mild sensitivity after a teeth whitening treatment. If you do have sensitive teeth we would recommend that you visit your dentist for a health check prior to having your teeth whitening treatment.

Having whiter teeth can give you a new confidence in work and your appearence. Feeling confident in your smile enables you to feel more confident in social situations.

Teeth Whitening London

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